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Philadelphia (PHL) TFR gateway screening operations

Friday, July 22, 2016 12:25 PM | Deleted user

With the DNC occurring in PHL this week, a TFR will again be in place and HPN will be one of two gateway screening airports (the other being MDT - Harrisburg, PA) for GA aircraft to get screened that wish to fly to PHL during the period of 25-28 July.  The PHL TFR will be in effect next week from Monday - Thursday during the hours of 1000-0100 daily.  Our (HPN) screening operations will be conducted at the "Incident Command Post" trailer adjacent to Taxiway "Charlie" starting at 1500 and securing at 2300 since that is the time that the HPN control tower secures.  MDT's screening time will also start at 1500 but they will secure at midnight.  The question came-up regarding the gap in time between 1000 when the TFR goes hot and commencement of screening at 1500...here is the answer that was provided by our coordination team overseeing this operation:

      Since PHL is located within the 10 NM ring and the 10/30 NM ring will be in effect at that time, operators are not allowed to arrive or depart PHL until we start screening at 1500. As an alternative, according to the NOTAM, operators may go into PNE (Northeast Philadelphia Airport) during this TFR but must be on an active IFR or VFR flight plan, maintain two way radio contact with ATC and continuously squawk an ATC-assigned discrete beacon code. They do not have to be gateway screened.

The NOTAM is published and provides specific guidance but basically, once the TFR is in effect at PHL, all non-commercial flights desiring to fly into and out of PHL must be registered at least one day in advance and then must be screened before commencing their flight to or from PHL.  Pilots may commence registering their flights as of 0800 on Friday, 22 Jul.

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