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Alert: From Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition

Thursday, September 21, 2017 3:01 PM | Deleted user

Pilots planning to fly in the northern and central New Jersey area

The Trump national golf course in Bedminster New Jersey has been designated an official presidential residence. When the president is in residence a presidential temporary flight restriction is in effect covering a region 30 miles around the golf course. 

The TFR may be activated with less than 24 hours notice and covers most of the northern and central New Jersey airspace affecting 19 airports in New Jersey and Pennsylvania violating the TFR route but will result in you being intercepted by military aircraft before flying please check for any TSRs a note of us by calling flight service at one 800 WX brief check in for TFR is before any flight is a good idea. 

Note: There have already been more than 20 intercepts of GA pilots by Coast Guard helicopters and Air Force fighter jets for violating the TFR. 

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