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TSA BOLO and subsequent arrest

Saturday, October 21, 2017 2:32 PM | Deleted user

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Office of Security Operations (OSO) Compliance Division, is updating the July 10, 2017 BOLO advisory notice based on continued attempts by this individual to access restricted areas and aircraft at multiple airports.

TSA is aware of numerous incidents involving a suspicious person attempting to gain unauthorized access to aircraft and facilities at primarily Fixed Based Operators (FBOs). The individual identified as Ahmed Olasunkahmi SALAU, aka SALAN, SALUH, Martinez Davon WELLS has reportedly visited several FBOs falsely presenting himself as either a passenger, employee or crewmember with the intent to gain unauthorized access to aircraft and/or facilities. TSA is also aware that the same individual may have also telephonically contacted FBOs in an attempt to gather passenger and aircraft data.

As a result, TSA is issuing this notice for your security awareness. Contact the TSOC at 877-456-8722 or 703-5633240 and local law enforcement if you suspect suspicious or fraudulent activity regarding this individual.

UPDATE: Since the original notice issued on July 10, 2017, TSA is aware of several additional FBO/GA encounters by SALAU. The attachment lists various activities conducted by SALAU. Click here for the attachment. 

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