ATC Quarterly Meeting Sheds Light on HPN Airspace

Scott Dyer hosted an informative meeting on March 15, 2021 that was jam-packed with timely and technical information.  Ben Struck, FAASTeam Program Manger, led off the evening with an update covering Special Medical Flight Tests and announced that VFR paper charts are now on a 56-day publication cycle.  

Our featured presenter was NY Approach Controller Toby Bucsescu who has been with the NY Tracon for 6 years.  He gave an in-depth and highly technical explanation of the HPN IFR flows and how nearby airport runway configurations affect HPN arrivals and departures. 

Scott discussed the potential Charted Visual Procedure for Runway 16.  The Airport Advisory Board suggests this could address noise issues as it shifts the pattern to a visual approach down I-684 to join the left base of Runway 16 in times of good weather   The County is conducting studies of household demographics and noise data over the proposed area.   

Runway identification becomes more difficult at dusk or dark in areas with airports in close proximity with similar runway configurations. Citing a few cringeworthy examples, Scott tackled wrong airport landings and offered up useful tips to avoid this dilemma. And lastly, COVID exposures have unexpectedly forced unplanned tower closures. Do you know proper HPN pattern operating procedures? 

Watch the recording Here.

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