Reduced HPN Tower Hours

HPN Tower hours of operation will be reduced, starting Monday May 4, to 8AM to 4PM (1200Z - 2000Z).  This is a direct result of reduced traffic volume during the COVID-19 crisis and will be for an indefinite period of time.  When the Tower is not operating, clearances can be obtained on the ground on 126.4.  Normal non-Tower CTAF procedures will prevail on 118.57 when the Tower is not in operation.  Inbound sequencing will be available as always from NY Tracon (120.8 and/or 126.4).  Aircraft arriving under IFR outside of Tower operating hours PLEASE cancel your IFR flight plans in the air before landing,  or on the ground on 126.4 immediately after landing.


These preferred routes are current as of January 2020. However, pilots are cautioned that these routes may change without notice. It is the pilot's responsibility to ensure that the route filed and accepted can be flown without discontinuities. There is no assurance or representation that these routes are continuous.

 Click on the links below to review NY Tracon Letters to Airmen

Practice Instrument Approaches January 2020

NE Bound Departures January 2020

Climb Descent Perf Transponder Usage Speed Adjustments January 2020

History of Westchester County Airport (HPN)

Click on the image above to view a slide show depicting the history of Westchester County Airport as exhibited in the Westchester County Airport Tower Museum.

Airport Frequencies

Approach New York  126.40
Approach New York  120.80
Clearance-Delivery  127.25
Tower / CTAF*  118.57
ATIS      133.80
Ground Control   121.82
UNICOM  122.95

*Tower in operation from: 0600-2300

HPN Tower Phone Number:

TRACON Phone Number: 

ATIS Phone Number: 

Airport Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Westchester County Airport
240 Airport Road, Suite 202
White Plains, NY 10604


General Info: (914) 995-4860

Lost and Found: (914) 995-6222

Noise Complaints: (914) 939-8484

Security and I.D.:
(914) 995-4009/2592

Airport Advisory Board

HPN News

Westchester Aviation Association is a non-profit organization.

Main P.O. Box 447 Purchase, NY 10577-0447

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