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Catching Up With Philip Martin Professional Pilot Career - 2022 Scholarship Winner

Sunday, April 23, 2023 11:12 AM | Jennifer Kempsey (Administrator)

In anticipation of this year's Safety Day, WAA Scholarship Chair, Luke Egan, followed up with past scholarship winner, Philip Martin, to see what he has been up to since winning The WAA Professional Pilot Career Scholarship sponsored by Performance Flight.

Below, Philip shares in his own words, his experiences and aspirations since winning.

As a pilot, you'll experience a unique perspective on the world - one that combines the thrill of flight with the awe-inspiring beauty of the planet from above. You'll be able to explore new horizons, conquer challenges, and connect with people from all over the world, all while soaring through the skies.

Since I was granted the scholarship I took on a greater appreciation for aviation, flying an aircraft that I once believed wouldn’t be possible until I was well into my career was made possible by WAA. This expanded my horizon on the possibilities that the future can behold.

Aviation was determined to be a path worth pursuing after my first time flying a simulator shortly after my dad sparked the interest. From there I knew that I wanted to make the skies interconnect with my life. The first time I stepped into the cockpit confirmed this dream and made it a reality.

Flight training helped me understand that your best outcome will always be from peace and self awareness. As I flew more and more, my confidence levels grew, which allowed me to perform my best each time I fly. This is a valuable lesson I apply to every other sector of my life.

My future aviation aspirations are to in fact complete my Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, and fulfill my childhood goal of becoming type rated in an Airbus a321. Just three years ago when I started my course study at Penn State University, the best thing that I believed that I can do is study the field of aviation. Once the opportunity came to actually get my license and further my skills, I learned that I am not just limited to what I believed that I had to settle for.

Thank you again, Philip, for your time To learn more about our scholarships visit: WestchesterAviation.org/2023Scholarships/

Photos courtesy of Philip Martin - Professional Pilot Career Award

Posted on behalf of Luke Egan, WAA Scholarship Chair

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